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Analysis of maternal deaths in the Province of Aklan.


Iya Rea C. Delgado

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Department of Health Regional Office VI - Department of Health


Millennium Development Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health target of 75% reduction in maternal death from 1990-2015 dropped short when World Health Organization released a statistical report that global maternal mortality decreased to 44% instead of 75%. This study aimed to analyze maternal deaths in the Province of Aklan from January 2011 to December 2015. The study was a descriptive research specifically desk review wherein relevant secondary data (Provincial Health Office records) were analyzed and interpreted. This study revealed among the 41 cases of maternal deaths across five years (2011-2015) , more than half (58%) of the mothers belonged to ages 20-34, primipara (28%), gravida three (28%), resident of Kalibo, Aklan (23%), admitted for 1-4 hours at time of death; had normal vaginal delivery (50%), had a doctor (69%) as birth attendant; baby was born alive (63%); and the mother was not able to comply with desired number of prenatal visits (50%). The top five cases of maternal deaths were (1) hypovolemic shock (21%), (2) postpartum hemorrhage (16%), (3) cardiopulmonary arrest (9%), (4) abruptio placenta (7%), (5) preeclampsia (6%). This study concludes that the maternal

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